Mithraeum at Sidon


According to the seleucid era the Mithraeum must have existed in the second century, assuming, however, the autonomic era of the city itself, the sanctuary existed in the fourth one. The last dating has been proposed by E. Will in Syria XXVII, 1950, 261ff, especially the name of one of the dedicators Fl. Gerontios points into this direction.

The collection of sculptures (coll. Péretié) was bought by de Clercq in Paris in 1882 and is now deposited with Comte Louis de Boisgelin, 5 rue Masseran, Paris (VII). Actually, they are in the Musée du Louvre.

The Mithraeum of Sidon escaped destruction because the followers of Mithra walled off the entrance to the underground sanctuary. Evidence supports the belief that the sanctuarymay have been beneath the foundations of the present Greek Catholic Arch bishopric.