Lionheaded from the Villa Albani

Lionheaded from Villa Albini

Lionheaded from Villa Albini — Photo: Andreu Abuín


White marble statue. Formerly in the Villa Albani; nowadays in the Musei Vaticani, near the entrance of the former Library.

A naked trunk in the coils of a serpent. Four signs of the zodiac, two on the breast (Aries and Libra) and one on each thigh (Cancer and Capricornius). Added are: lion's head, two wings, the arms and legs with two coils of the serpent, and finally the cloak, on which Aion is standing.


1 | DIonsia Xanthippos - 19 September 2011 |
In our description, isn't the word "cloak" in the last sentence a typo for "globe"?