Carnuntum Mithraeum III


Mithraeum III found in the west part of Petronell near Hintausried in August 1894 by J. Dell and C. Tragau.

Finds are in the Museum Carnuntinum in Deutsch-Altenburg.

From a pronaos (L. 8.50 Br. 8.50) one enters by means of a second room (L. 3.50 Br. 8.50) and of steps (now lost) the sanctuary proper (L. 23.00 Br. 8.50). Behind a sort of vestibulum (L 8.00) is the cella, which is divided into a corridor (Br. 4.00-4.50) and the two benches (H. 0.60 Br. 1.50-1.85 L. 15.00). The entrance to the cella is formed by two small walls which have been constructed against the front of the benches. The base for the cult statue was erected at the end of the corridor at its right side.

The walls of the sanctuary were probably painted; the roof was made of wood.