Mithraeum in Caesarea Maritima


At present this is the only Mithraeum known in Roman province of Syria Palestina. [...] It is difficult to assign an exact date to the founding of the Caesarea Maritima Mithraeum. No dedicatory plaques have been discovered that might aid in the dating. The lamps found with the taurectone medallion are from the end of the first century to the late third century A.D. Other pottery and coins from the vault are also from this era. Therefore it is speculated that this Mithraeum developed toward the end of the first century and remained active until the late third century. This matches the dates assigned to the Dura-Europos and the Sidon Mithraea.

Lewis M. Hopfe


4 | Laura Thomas - 18 January 2012
Where is the Mithraeum relative to Herod\'s temple, the amphitheatre or some other isgnificant landmark?\r\n
3 | Kathy Carey - 6 January 2012
I participated in the Combined Caesarea Expeditions for three weeks in 1993. We excavated the hillside next to this Mithraeum and were allowed to go inside on the Summer Solstice to experience this amazing space. What a treat to be able to find a photograph on-line so many years later.
2 | Robert Fritzius - 5 October 2011 |
Back in February 2011, I received a report that the Mithraeum at Caesarea had been "torn down." In September 2011, I asked an archaeologist in Israel to check on this. He says that two other archaeologists, currently working in Caesarea, informed him that the Mithraeum had not been torn down but that it "has" been covered up (with sand and gravel). Visitor reports are solicited.
1 | Vito Quattrocchi - 24 August 2011
On a tour of Caesarea Maritima, I got the opportunity to step inside the Mithraeum. Our tour guide didn't even point it out but I recognized it for what it was. We lost the tour for fifteen minutes as a result, but it was incredible.