Mithraeum of Symphorus


Orientation E-W. 10m x 18m.

Consists of single anteroom and cella with a rectangular room attached to southest side of the shrine and accessed from a door in the anteroom. Shallow central aisle only one foot below ground level. The tauroctony statue group was recovered in fragments and was able to be almost completely restored. The dedication of the group was made by a certain Symphorus and the shrine has been named after him.

Visible remains: The shrine has recently been restored to public view (2004) and, while well presented, is very clinicial and heavily restored. The back wall in particular has been partially rebuilt with the original meagre remains topped by a line of red tiles (the method used at aquincum to differentiate original material from reconstruction).

Sculptures: The tauroctony is on display inside the Aquincum Museum.