Mitreo di Angera

Photo: Wikipedia


The Mithras' Cave (or Wolf's Den as this cave is popularly called) in Angera is the only mithraeum known to date in Lombardy where on the outside are still visible ancient engravings related to mysterious cults as well as several rectangular recesses arranged to accommodate gravestones and votive reliefs. The Antro di Mitra in Angera is a natural cavity of elliptical shape, measuring 7.50 meters by 4.70 and is 4.80 meters high in the center. In the distant times of the Mesolithic, the middle age between the Paleolithic and Neolithic (about 7000 years before Christ), man found shelter there as he did in other places in the Province of Varese: finds of the same kind and the same period have been found in the caves of Valganna and in the caves of Campo dei Fiori.