Mithraeum at Marino

Tauroctony at Mitreo di Marino

Tauroctony at Mitreo di Marino


The plan of the Mithraeum is the usual one. Behind a wide entrance hall (L. 13.25 W. 8.00) we find the sanctuary itself, which is exceptionally long and much narrower (W. 3.10) than the ante-room. This is the longest Mithraeum of the Roman Imperium know hitherto with 29.20 m long, which is twice the normal length. The arrangement of benches on either side with a nave in between is quite normal, as is the vault (H. 3.00 m) hewn out of the rock. Though this vault symbolizes the sky, it has not been decorated either with blue or whit stars as in some other sanctuaries.

In the centre of the nave and before the representation of Mithras on the back wall is an altar with an inscription.

M.J. Vermaseren