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A mystes is initiated into the Mithraic Mysteries

This is the first of several scenes depicting the initiation of a new member into the Mysteries of Mithras, in Capua Vetere.
29 May 2021
Scene of the initiation into the Mithras cult.

Scene of the initiation into the Mithras cult.


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In the panel I (W. 1.17 m) of the right bench near the entrance a naked man (his body is colored red) is walking in the direction of the cult-niche. He is being pushed forwards by a much taller person who wears a short white tunic and a shoulder cape with red stripes. His height expresses his greater importance as mystagogue. Since he seems to have a small pointed beard he may be either the Pater (a cap however is not visible) or an initiate of a lower grade.

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