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Aion from Vienne, France

The relief of Aion from Vienne includes a naked youth in Phrygian cap holding the reins of a horse.
20 May 2021
Updated 14 Aug 2021
  • Aion relief from Vienne

    Aion relief from Vienne
    Warburg Institute Iconographical Database 

  • Aion relief from Vienne

    Aion relief from Vienne
    Félix Lajard 


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Limestone low-relief (H. 0.70 Br. 0.80 D. 0.16), broken in two pieces. Mus. of Vienne.

Journal de Vienne, 21 Mars 1840; Lajard, Mem. Vienne = Ann. Ist. XIII, 1841, 170ff = Mém. Ac. Inscr., XV (2), 1842, 202ff and Pl. I; Rech., 587ff; Intr., Pl. LXXIII, 1; Mon. Ined., III, 1841-43, Pl. XXXVI, 2; Allmer, Inscr. Vienne, II, 456 No. 270; MMM II 399f No. 277 and fig. 320; Esp. Rec. Gaule, I, 252f No. 340 and fig.; RRR II, 308, 2; Eisler, Weltenmantel, II, fig. 51. See fig. 230.

Standing Aion with lion's head and claw-like feet (l. one is broken off).

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