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Aion of Florence

The sculpture of Aion from Florence, Italy, has the usual serpent, coiled six times on its body, whose head rests on that of the god of eternal time.
  • Aion of Florence

    Aion of Florence

  • Aion of Florence

    Aion of Florence
    akg-images / Rabatti & Domingie 

The New Mithraeum
18 Aug 2021
Updated on 15 Jan 2022

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White marble relief (H. 1.15 Br. 0.35). Galleria degli Uffizi.

On a restored base a standing Aion with lion's head. His body is entwined by six windings of a serpent, which lays its head on that of the god. He has two wings attached to his hips and originally there were two more attached to his shoulders. In the r.h. he holds a key one tooth of which is still visible; in the other hand a sceptre, which partly has been broken off. Beside his r. leg one perceives a winding thunderbolt, ending in a human head.

Dütschke, III 180f No. 367; Müller-Wieseler, Denkm.