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Ara of the Mithraeum of Lugo

Victorius Victorious, centurion fo the Legio VII, erected the altar in honour of the Lugo garrison and of the Victorius Secundus and Victor, his freedmen.
29 Apr 2010
Granite altar dedicated to Mithras

Granite altar dedicated to Mithras
Museo Universitario A Domus do Mitreo


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During 2003 excavations made near the Plaza Pio XII in Lugo (ancient Lucus Augusti) revealed a house and an altar in granite with an inscription to Invictus Mithra. It was dedicated by a C. Victorius Victorinus, centurion of the Legio VII Gemina Antoniana Pia Felix, apparently in the early 3rd century. The inscription appeals for protection of the military garrison at Lugo ('Statio Lucensis') and his two freedmen, Victorius Secundus and Victorius Victor.

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Mitreo de Lugo

The exploration of an old pazo, a manor house, near the Roman wall, in Lugo, led to the discovery of a Roman domus, which existed continuously from the beginnings of the Christian Era until the Late Empire.


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