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Bronze medallion from Gordian III with tauroctony

The bronze medallion, from Cilicia, shows Mithras Tauroctonus on the revers.
22 May 2021
  • Bronze Coin of Gordian III — Anvers

    Bronze Coin of Gordian III — Anvers
    American Numismatic Society 

  • Bronze Coin of Gordian III — Revers

    Bronze Coin of Gordian III — Revers
    American Numismatic Society 


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Bronze medallion (Diam. 0.036). Berlin, Cabinet of coins; British Museum.

Vignoli, 176 with fig.; Welcker in Zoega, 152 No. 43 and 154; de Hammer, Mithriaea, 107 No. 82; Lajard, Intr. PI. CII, 13; Mionnet, Sup. VII, 282 No. 510; Hill, Coins Br. Mus., 213 No. 258 and PI. XXXVIII, 4; MMM II 189 No.3 with fig. 12; Head, Hist. Numm., 22, 733; DS, Diet. Ant., 1945 fig. 5084; Frothingham in AJA 1918, 63ff; MM 28 fig. 1; Leipoldt, VI and PI. 14; Saxl, 13; Nilsson, Gr. Rel. II, PI. 16,2. See fig. 4.

Obv.: Bust of Gordian (238-244 A.D.).

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