Cautes des Bolards

This monument representing Cautes with uncrossed legs was consecrated by a certain Anttiocus.
28 Jan 2022
Updated on 3 Feb 2022
Cautes of Les Bolards

Cautes of Les Bolards


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Statue (H. 0.85), found near the entrance. As well as the following Nos. in the Coll. Roux-Vauthier.

On a base Cautes in Eastern attire. He raises with both hands the flaming torch; not cross-legged. Behind his r. foot a globe. Face slightly damaged. On the base an inscription:
Thevenot in Gallia VII, 1949, 307f; 318 No. 38 and fig. 6. See fig. 231, kindly procured by our friend Emile Thevenot.


L(ibens) l(aetus) Antti/ocus (sic!) d(e) s(uo) p(osuit).

Gallia 1949, 327 No.

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