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Cautes fresco from Mitreo di Santa Maria Capua Vetere

In the Mithraeum of S. Capua Veteres, Cautes stands between two laurel trees.
16 May 2021
  • Cautes fresco on Santa Maria Capua Vetere

    Cautes fresco on Santa Maria Capua Vetere
    Jorge Gallo 

  • CIMRM 182

    CIMRM 182 


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Fresco (H. 1.08 Br. 1.00) on the North wall above the beginning of the podium.

Minto, 364f and fig. 7. See fig. 53.

Between two laurels, the tops of which meet in the shape of an arch above his head, Cautes is standing in his usual attitude and dress (red with green). In his upraised r.h. he holds a torch above a fire-altar; with the other hand he points down a bundle of twigs. Underneath this bundle a crowing cock is visible, painted in a shade of green, with a red crest.

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