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Cautopates from Casa del Mitreo of Mérida

The sculpture of the solar god is signed by its author, Demetrios.
22 Jan 2021
  • Cautopates of Mérida 

  • Inscription of the Cautopates of Mérida 

White marble statue (H. 1.55), found in 1913. Mus. Merida, Inv. No. 581.

Standing youth (torchbearer or Mithras himself), dressed in a tunic with splendid vaults, leans against apiece of rock, on which a dolphin with upraised tail is represented. A wide cloak, draped over his l. arm, hangs down at the back. A small remnant proves, that he wore a Phrygian cap. On his feet he wears laced boots. Head, arms and r. calf are lost.

Melida in BAH 1914, 449 No. 7 and Pl. IV; Paris in RA (S.1) XXIV, 1914, 5 No. 4 and fig. 2; AA 1914, 378 and fig. 53; Lantier, Inventaire, No. 11; Melida, Cat. Badajoz, No. 1083 with fig., Lianez, Mer., 195; Leipoldt, XIV and fig. 28; Pidal, Hist. Esp. II, 439 fig. 246; Ferri in Scritti Nogara, 173ff and Tav. XVIII, 1; Garcia y Bellido, Culto, fig. 9. See fig. 208.

Main inscription

Invicto sacrum C. Curius Avitus / Acci(o) Hedychro pa(tre). Δημήτριος ἐποίει


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