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Flavius Aper altar (CIMRM 1584)

The altar of Ptuj depicts Mithras and Sol on the front and the water miracle on the right side.
16 May 2021
Updated 17 Jan 2022
  • Frontal and left side of Ptuj altar

    Frontal and left side of Ptuj altar
    Ptuj Regional Museum 

  • Frontal view of Ptuj altar

    Frontal view of Ptuj altar

  • Lateral view of Ptuj altar

    Lateral view of Ptuj altar

  • Lateral view of Ptuj altar

    Lateral view of Ptuj altar


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White marble altar (H. 1.12 Br. 0.63 D. 0.54) found near 3.

Abramic, 178f No. 241 and fig. 125; RA (S. 6) VIII, 1936, 265 No. 53; Schmid, Südsteiermark, Graz 1925, 17 and Pl. II; Schmid in BRGK XV, 1923-24, 223 fig. 17; Mostra4, 720 No. 52; Ferri, Arte Dan., 198 fig. 213; Vulic in Bull. Ac. Serbe I, 1935,202; AIJ, I 146 No. 313 and fig. See figs. 402- 404.

On the front standing Mithras in Oriental dress offers to Sol over a burning altar the dagger to which small pieces of meat are speared. Above the meat the raven is flying in order to have a peck at it.

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