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Initiation into the Mithraic cult

Fresco shows part of the initiation to the Mithras mysteries at the Mitreo de Santa Maria Capua Vetere.
31 Dec 2020
Fresco from the initiation ceremony at S. Capua Vetere

Fresco from the initiation ceremony at S. Capua Vetere
Vermaseren /


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[This second panel] (W. 0.92 m.) shows once again the blindfolded and naked alumnus with his magister behind him. The mystes is kneeling on his right knee; his hands are tied behind his back. Pseudo-Augustine tells that the cords used for this were made of chicken gut. The mystagogus seems to be the same as in the previous panel since he is clad in a short white tunic and a shoulder cape bordered with red. His head is now better visible.

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