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Dionysus group marble of London

Marble group of Dionysus accompanied by a Silenus on a donkey, a satyr and a menead.
30 Apr 2010
  • Walbrook Mithraeum Bacchus group

    Walbrook Mithraeum Bacchus group
    J M C Toynbee 

  • Dioniso del Mitreo de Londres

    Dioniso del Mitreo de Londres


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'Small marble group which shows the god Dionysus reaching up to a vine; on the left is Silenus on a donkey, and, above, on the tree-trunk, the leg of a goat; to the right of Dionysus is a satyr; and, further right, a maenad carrying a wine-vessel, with a leopard at her feet' (Grimes in ILN, 636).

The base carries an inscription:


Hominibus bagisbitam.

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