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Mann mit Löwenkopf (Leo)

Aion found at Hedderneheim in the Roman Terms.
Olivier-Antoine Reÿnès
31 Dec 2020
  • Preserved fragment of the Aion from Hedderneheim
    Vermaseren / 

  • Restauration of the Aion from Hedderneheim

Fragment of a statue in greyish sandstone (H. 0.245). Formerly at Bonn, now at Frankfurt. Found at Heddernheim in Roman Terms.

Leo: standing man with a lion head, naked except for a coat around the hips and boots. In the raised left handle of the incense scoop, in the right the rest of a stick. Next to the right foot a platform with a bell.

Upper part of the naked body of Aion with lion's head. In his upraised left hand he holds a key. His right arm is broken off at the shoulder. In his mouth traces of red colour. A piece of iron at the back was meant to attach it to a wall.


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