Mithraeum of Stockstadt I

The Mithraeum I of Stockstadt was located in the Saalburg Roman Fort.
16 Jan 2022
Updated on 1 Feb 2022
  • Silver-plated copper plate of Stockstadt

    Silver-plated copper plate of Stockstadt
    The New Mithraeum / Olivier-Antoine Reÿnès (CC BY-SA) 

  • Raven of Stockstadt

    Raven of Stockstadt
    The New Mithraeum / Andreu Abuín (CC BY-SA) 

  • Cautes of Stockstadt

    Cautes of Stockstadt
    Carole Raddato (CC BY-SA 2.0) 

  • Cautopates of Stockstadt

    Cautopates of Stockstadt
    Carole Raddato (CC BY-SA 2.0) 


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Mithraeum I in Stockstadt, Saalburgmuseum, Saalburg Roman Fort, Limes Germanicus, Germania (Germany) Southeast of the fort, on the vicus road that ran parallel to the Main. There was a temple to Jupiter Dolichenus very close by.

The younger mithraeum was built larger than the earlier shrine and at a more secure site. It measured 13m x 7.8m on the inside. Many altars from the dedication area of the beneficiary station were used for the building, which indicates that the station no longer existed.

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Votive plaque of Stockstadt

This plaque was found in Mithraeum I at Stockstadt broken into pieces inserted between the blocks of the socle of the cult relief, in the manner of a votive deposit.

Raven from Stockstadt

The Stockstadt Raven is one of only two standing-alone sculptures of this bird to be found in Mithraic statuary.

Cautes and Cautopates of Stockstadt

Reliefs of Cautes and Cautopates dedicated by Florius Florentius of Saalburg and Ancarinius Severus is powered by Enkidū