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Mithraeum II, Ptuj
26 Apr 2010
Mithraeum II was found at Ptuj at a distance of 20 m south of the Mithraeum I in 1901. The whole building and the complete inventory are in the Museum in Ptuj. The Mithraeum itself has been reconstructed in smaller proportions.

The sanctuary (L. 13.40 Br. 7.30) has the normal division into a corridor (Br. 4.00) and two benches (H. 0.70 Br. 1.00) the surface of which is covered with loam. A stone wall with threshold seems to divide the whole construction into a small pronaos (1/3 of the whole) and the actual sanctuary. The same small stone wall is also built in the two benches.

Before the west wall there is a construction (H. 0.80 Br. 2.35 D. 0.90) with a projecting part upon which the cultrelief rested.

On the r. side of the corridor and partly built i the r. bench there is a waterbasin (H. 0.65 Br. 0.80-0.92) the inside of which has a revetment of marble slabs. The water could flow away through a canal. Against each bench there were about six trapezophores. One piece still complete (H. 0.62) is adorned with a paw. Abramic mentions the trapezophores also were adorned with lion's heads, but there are no traces of them.


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