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Mithraeum in Fertőrákos
20 May 2007
  • Fekist 


Fertorakos mithraeum. Constructed by soldiers from the Carnuntum legion at the beginning of the 3rd century AD. Trapeziodal in shape, the southern and eastern sides of the shrine were hollowed out of the rock, with the northern and western sides being built in stone. Four steps lead down into the central aisle of the cella, as the pronaos and couch podiums were all on the same ground level. The taurochtony was carved into the rock face. The original excavators attempted to restore the stone vault of the shrine (the first attempt at reconstruction at any archaeological site in Hungary), though this was later demolished and the present cover building erected in the 1990s. Excavations: 1866. 1990-1991. original sculptures at Fabricius House Museum, Sopron.


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