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Mithras Petrogenitus of Alba Iulia

Mithras born from the rock with a snake raising in coils around it.
20 Dec 2020
  • Mithras Petrogenitus of Alba Iulia Rear View
    Reinhard Foertsch 

  • Mithras Petrogenitus of Alba Iulia Front View
    Reinhard Foertsch 

In Apulum, where more than 50 monuments come from and at least 30 followers are epigraphically attested (over a quarter of all known in Dacia), the mystery cult of Mithras is one of the most popular. The Mithraic community of Apulum is, after that of Sarmizegetusa, the most important in the province. There must have been 5 or 6 mithraea here, although the seven degrees of initiation are not attested among the dedicators. The Mithraic community of Apulum has an active presence, epigraphically and artistically, in the provincial society of the 15th century. II-III p.Chr. Almost as numerous as the one in Sarmizegetusa itself, it included the only known senatorial follower in Dacia.

Mithras Petrogenitus - Mithras „The one born from the rock” / Mithras „The one born from the rock” / Apulum / votive marble statuette / votive marble statuette sec. II-III p.Chr. / 2nd-3rd v. AD MNUAI R7

The Cult of Mithras was one of the most popular private cults in the twin cities of Apulum (Colonia Aurelia Apulensis and Municipium Septimium Apulense) having more than 50 monuments, 5-6 sanctuaries and 29 adepts. Here you can see some pictures about the mithraic monuments of the cities (sources: Ubi erat Lupa, Magyar Nemzeti Múzeum – Budapest, Muzeul National al Unirii -Alba Iulia, author’s photos)


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