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Mithras taurophorus of Ptuj

The sculpture of Mithras carrying the bull includes an inscription on its base.
15 Aug 2021
Mithras carrying the bull of Ptuj

Mithras carrying the bull of Ptuj
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Base with a statue in white marble (H. 1.59 Br. 0.48 D. 0.42), found near 5. Inv. No. xxxxii.

On a base Mithras taurophoros. The fore-feet of the animal touch the ground.

In the front of the base an inscription:

CIMRM 1495

CIL III 1435428
L.H. 0.03-0.05.

Transitu / C(aius) Caecina / Calpurnius / temp(lum) redemi(t) et restitu(it).

Gurlitt in JOAI 1899, 92 and 96 No. 5; MCC, 92 and fig. 2; Abramic, 166 No. 231 and fig. 118-119; Casopis XXVII, 1933, 137ff; Ferri, Arte Dan., 179f and figs. 189-190; Mostra, 719f No.

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