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Mithräum von Bingen II

A possible Mithraeum II was found in Bingen, but the few remains are not sufficient to prove it.
24 Aug 2021

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It is quite possible that at Bingen in the Hennebergstrasze a Mithraeum II existed (Jahresb. hess. Denkmalpflege IV, 1930, 100; Behrens in Mainzer Zeitschrift 1937, 44 No. 14 and fig. 28; Behrens BL, 28). Here a small temple was found, the east wall of which had traces of painting (H. 0.90 Br. 2.40 D. 0.40). But up to now the discovery of a small altar, of coins from the Constantine period and of a stone with remnants of an inscription (Museum at Bingen) has not given sufficient proof for this supposition.

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