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Mithräum von Neuenheim

Only a small part of the Neuenheim Mithraeum has been excavated.
2 Jun 2009

  • Tauroctonia de Neuenheim / Heidelberg

    Tauroctonia de Neuenheim / Heidelberg


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A Mithraeum discovered in 1838 opposite Heidelberg on the eastern slope of the Heiligenberg, which is situated on the r. side of the main road and near the entrance to the village of Neuenheim.

Cumont already clearly showed that Creuzer's description is full of hyposthese and lacks reliable facts. Many of his data about the construction of the sanctuary are not dependable. According to Creuzer the brick walls preserved at a height of 0.80 m must have belonged to a single room (L. 3.20 Br. 2.50) before which were two columns.

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Tauroctony of Neuenheim

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