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Mithräum von Riegel

A votive altar referring to the cult of Mithras was found more than forty years before the site was excavated and the Mithrhaeum discovered.
2 Jun 2009
Mithras-Tempel von Riegel

Mithras-Tempel von Riegel


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In December 1932, a votive altar was discovered with an inscription referring to the cult of Mithras. Excavations confirmed this hypothesis. In 1974, the Baden-Württemberg Historical Monuments Office excavated the sanctuary.

The building was of simple construction, but retained the usual form of this type of building as found in Italy. The sandstone base supported a wooden and earthen elevation. The whole forms a rectangle 9.10 m long and 6.40 m wide, with a quadrangular niche to the west.

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