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Mithräum in Schwarzerden
10 Jun 2009

Tauroctonia del Mitreo de Schwarzerden
Eigene Arbeit

A Mithraeum situated in a rock (H. 6.00) the so-called Schäfershütte near St. Wendel near Schwarzerden. It has been restored since 1840.

In the description I follow Krencker's acceptable reconstruction: on the rock wall is a relief. Holes on either side of it (not all of which are antique, however) point to a construction before the wall. The middle-upper holes may have served for the consolidation of a gable-roof.

The depth of the sanctuary is unknown. In front of the construction lies a meadow and a little further there is a brook. The sanctuary itself is constructed four meters above the level of the meadow and is vaulted. The side-walls are preserved to a height of about 3 meters; the vault was undoubtedly plastered. The Mithraeum has a central aisle (Br. 2.60) and two benches. In this manner the whole breadth of the sanctuary is 5.15 m which corresponds with the traces of the roof. To the left of the Mithraeum was a secondary room (Br. 3.70) which, however, was not the case on the east side.




    and this is the same as nb. 37 - mithraeum at Reichweiler.

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