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Mithräum von Wiesloch

The first Mithraists in the Mithraeum of Wiesloch may have been veterans from Ladenburg and Heidelberg.
3 Jun 2009

  • Plan of the Mithraeum of Wiesloch

    Plan of the Mithraeum of Wiesloch


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About 183m N. of the Leimbach at Wiesloch, in an area of unused land known as Die Dornmühle, a mithraeum was discovered in Autumn 1988 and excavated in the course of 1989 by Dr. R-H. Behrends and the staff of the Archäologische Denkmalpflege, Karlsruhe.

The vicus of Wiesloch grew up early in IIp at the crossing of the main Mainz-Augsburg road with the important road linking Speyer and Bad Wimpfen. The first Mithraists here may have been veterans from Ladenburg and Heidelberg, which are nearby.

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