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Mithräum of Mundelsheim
2 Jun 2009
Remains of the Temple of Mithras at Mundelsheim.

Orientated SW-NE. 17.6 m x 7.2 m.

The shrine consisted of an ante-chamber, a second ante-chamber (with floor at lower level - possibly originally floored in timber) and lastly the cella. In the latter there was no evidence for a niche or apse at the back (SW) wall, though presumably there was a podium along the lines of that used in the restoration of ths site. The fronts of the benches showed evidence of painting. The Mithraeum was discovered by accident in 1989 during the construction of a waterpipe for the neighbouring industrial estate, however not before the mechanical digger had done substantial damage. Pottery found within the temple all dated to the late 2nd/Early 3rd centuries AD. Excavated: 1989.


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