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Mitreo di Felicissimus
27 Apr 2010


  • Andreu Abuín 





Mithraeum (Reg. V, Is. IX, 1) built in a house of uncertain destination ("Mitreo di Felicisimo"). Second half of third century A.D.

The entrance (Br. 2.20) to the Mithraeum (L. 11.10-10.35) is in the leftwall and opposite to it in the right wall is a semicircular niche. The two side-benches (H. 0.20 Br. 1.40-1.15) end just in front of the entrance and this niche, they have not any steps. Near the entrance is a ritual basin (diam. 0.40). The central aisle has a mosaic pavement with the symbolic representations of the different mithraic grades:
  1. Near the entrance is a stylized tree.
  2. In the middle of the floor, in the space between the entrance and the niche, is a krater.
  3. Before the niche is a burning altar.
  4. Avobe the crater and then in the direction of the backwall the following figures, separated form each other by black bands: Two phrygian caps surmonted by a crescent.
  5. A small vase between a rave (l) and caduceus (r) (Corax-Mercurius).
  6. Radiate diadem in the form of a crescent; underneath it a lamp (Nymphus-Venus).
  7. Helmet; above it a lance. Military bag (Miles-Mars).
  8. Lightning, sistrum and fire-spade (Leo-Jupiter).
  9. Falx; crescent and underneath it is a star and another falx of a different type (Perses-Luna).
  10. Crown with seven rays and with bands; torch (l) and whip (r) (Heliodromus-Sol).
  11. Falx, Phrygian cap, staff, patera (Pater-Saturnus).
  12. Vase among different twigs. Above a dedication: L.H. (0.105-0.12).

Main inscription

Felicissimvs / ex voto f[ecit]


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