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Mitreo di Ponza

The Mithraeum of Ponza was discovered in 1866. It contained the remains of a zodiac investigated by Vermaseren in 1989.
19 Jun 2009
  • Plan of Ponza Mithraeum

    Plan of Ponza Mithraeum
    Vermaseren / 

  • Zodiac of the Mitreo di Ponza

    Zodiac of the Mitreo di Ponza
    Roger Beck 


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Some time before 1866, a Mithraeum containing the remains of a zodiac was discovered on the tiny Italian island of Ponza. It was investigated in 1969 by Maarten Vermaseren. The most interesting feature is a zodiac in the ceiling.

The Mithraeum is situated under the Palazzo Tagliamonte in the Salita Scalpellini, and may be entered through the building that housed the photographic studio of the late D'Arco Biagio, Corso Carlo Pisicane 19. The original entrance to the cave, via its northern side, is now partly obstructed by the foundations of the Palazzo.

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Zodiac stucco of Ponza

Solis invicti Mithrae studiosus astrologiae' who was at the same time 'caelo devotus et astris'.


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