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Naked figure from Mérida

This sculpture may be a naked dadophorus, probably Cautopates.
22 Jan 2021
  • Naked Mithraic figure

    Naked Mithraic figure 

  • Detail of the naked figure from Mérida

    Detail of the naked figure from Mérida 


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Marble statue (H. 1.20), found in 1913. Mus. Merida, Inv. No. 577.

A naked youth, the upper part of whose body is covered only by a small shoulder-cape, is standing beside a tree-trunk, before which a sitting lion is represented. They god extends his r. arm; from a fragment of the other arm it appears, that he holds a torch with his left. Parts of both arms and the r. calf are lost (torchbearer).

Escultura que representa a un personaje mitraico, posiblemente uno de los Dadophoros que acompañaba a Mithra.

Related monuments

Casa del Mitreo of Mérida

In the Casa del Mitreo in Mérida, ancient Emerita Augustus, archaeologists have found several monuments related to Mithras cult.

Aion of Mérida

The Aion-Chronos of Mérida was found near the bullring of the current city, once capital of the Roman province Hispania Ulterior .

Mithraic Chronus from the Casa del Mitreo

Lion headed sculpture of Aion from Mérida.

Cautopates from Casa del Mitreo of Mérida

The sculpture of the solar god is signed by its author, Demetrios.


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