Petrogeny of Sibiu

As usual, the solar god rises a dagger with one of his hands while emerges from the rock.
25 Jan 2022
Mithras rock-birth of Sibiu

Mithras rock-birth of Sibiu


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Statue in limestone from Transsylvania (H. 0.88 Br. 0.43-0.50). Sibiu (= Hermannstadt = Nagy Szeben), Museum Brukenthal.

Mithras is being born from the cone-shaped rock on which a serpent is represented. The god emerges as far as his thighs. He is in Phrygian cap and he holds a knife in his upraised r.h. His l. arm is broken off.

MMM II 320 No. 210 and fig. 183; RRS III 141, 1. See fig. 596. is powered by Enkidū