Phallus relief from the Mithraeum of Tiddis

The phallus from Tiddis, Algeria, has been represented as a cock.
PublishedThe New Mithraeum
21 May 2021
Updated on 24 Mar 2022
Phallus cock from Tiddis Mithraeum

Phallus cock from Tiddis Mithraeum
James Patterson


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[A] phallos was found [at the Mithraeum of Tiddis], represented on a piece of rock in the form of parallelepiped (H. 0.49). But this phallos has been represented in such way, that it bears a great resemblance to a cock: 'il est en effet dressé sur pattes munies d'ergots'. Besides, a bull's head has been found above which an infula, hewn out in stone (H. 0.77 Br. 0.51 D. 0.46).

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Mithraeum of Tiddis

The Mithraeum was housed in a cave. The vault is almost dome-shaped and in front of the cave there is enough space for a possible adjacent temple.


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