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Slab of Sol Invictus

The slab of the Sun god has not yet connected to Mithras.
16 May 2021
Updated 16 Jan 2022
Sol Invictus Slab

Sol Invictus Slab
Marie-Lan Nguyen


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Dedication slab representing the Sun god crowned by solar rays, the Moon goddess bearing a crescent on her hair, and an old man, perhaps Jupiter Dolichenus. From the area of the barracks of the Equites Singulares, via Tasso, Rome.

CIL VI 31181.


The dedicators are mentioned also in CIL VI 31187. The monument was found together with another dedication to Jupiter Dolichenus (CIL VI 31172; Kan, o.c., No. 198). Therefore it is not likely that the monument was dedicated to Mithras.

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