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Tauroctonia de Carnuntum (III ?)
30 Apr 2010

Fragmentos de uno de las tauroctonias de Carnuntum.

Fragments of a large relief in sandstone (H. 2.75 Br. 3.88 D. 0.50).

In the reverse of the relief are holes for fastening it in the wall by means of hooks. Many parts of the relief are lost, but it is clear that we have to do with the representation of Mithras tauroctone. The relief has now been restored. Mithras' head with Phrygian cap, the bull's head and some other parts are preserved. In the r. upper corner the bust of Luna and under it the upper part of Cautes' body with uplifted flaming torch in his r.h. and with a a bundle of corn-ears and a pedum in his l.h.

Main inscription

T(itus) Fl(avius) Viato[r] condi fe(cit)


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