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Tauroctonia del Cortile del Belvedere

White marble relief depicting Mithras slaying the bull, dedicated by Atimetus.
20 Jan 2011
  • Tauroctonia del Cortile del Belvedere

    Tauroctonia del Cortile del Belvedere
    Andreu Abuín 

  • Mithras slaying the bull of Atimetus.

    Mithras slaying the bull of Atimetus.
    Andreu Abuín 


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In a cave Mithras, slaying the bull, whose tail ends in three ears. Above Mithras' flying cloak his bow and quiver. On the border of the cave the raven is perched. Further the scorpion at the testicles; the serpent creeping over the ground; the dog with hanging tongue running towards the bull.

In the upper corners, outside the cave-vault, the bust of Sol in nimbus and crown of seven rays, and the bust of Luna with a crescent behind her shoulders, on the horns of which are stars.

The noses of Mithras and Sol are added; Luna's nose got lost.

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