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Tauroctony of Dormagen CIMRM 1012

The sculpture of Mithras slaying the bull found in Dormagen is exposed at Bonn Landesmuseum.
20 May 2021



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Relief in limestone (H.0.51 Br. 0.57 D.0.16). Bonn, Rheinisches Landesmuseum. See fig. 262 kindly supplied by the Director H. von Petrikovits.

Lajard, Pl. LXXXI; Stark, o.c., Pl. I; Dorow, l.c.; MMM II 387 and fig. 299; Hettner, Katalog, No. 70; Koepp, Germ. Rom., IV, 57 and Taf. XXXV, 1; Lehner, Sk., II Taf. X, 4; Führer I Taf. XXVII, 2; St. 224; Esp. Rec. Gaule VIII, 282 No. 6335; Le Roy Campbell in Berytus XI, 1954,48 No. 156.

Mithras as a bullkiller in the usual attitude and dress. His l. arm from the elbow is missing.

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Mithräum von Dormagen

Workman digging in a field near Dormagen found a vault. Against one of the walls were found two monuments related to Mithras.


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