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Tauroctony of Syracuse

The Mithra Tauroctonos from Syracuse, Sicily, is currently on display in the city's archaeological museum.
18 May 2021
Tauroctony exposed at the Museo Archeologico di Siracusa

Tauroctony exposed at the Museo Archeologico di Siracusa
Jorge Gallo


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The statue is very damaged. Mithras is missing his head, almost both full arms, right foot and cape. We can see the belly of the bull and part of his rear right leg.

Fragment of greyish marble relief (H. 0.57 Br. 0.55 D.0.18), found at Syracusae at the demolition of Spanish fortifications. Syracuse, Arch. Museum (Inv. No. 8478).

MMM II 270 No. 121 and fig. 114; Libertini, Mus. Sic., 158 No. 8478; Pace, Sic. Ant., III, 675; fig. 45 through the intercession of the Museum.

Mithras as a bullkiller.

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