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Tauroctony of Zadar

The relief of Mithras killing the bull of Zadar includes a naked Sol in a quadriga.
31 Dec 2020
Tauroctony of Zadar

Tauroctony of Zadar


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Relief in white limestone (H. 0.68 Br. 0.93 D. 0.12). The place of discovery is not known, but probably it is Narona (Vid near Metkovic).

Mithras in Oriental dress kills the bull whose tail ends in three corn-ears. The dog, the serpent and the scorpion in the usual places. The raven is perched on Mithras' flying cloak. Behind the bull Cautes stands not cross-legged, turned towards Mithras. He holds the burning torch upwards with two hands. Above him Sol in shoulder-cape and whip standing in a quadriga.

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