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Two-sided relief of Dieburg

The relief of Dieburg shows Mithras riding a horse as main figure, surrounded by several scenes of the myth.
31 Dec 2020
Updated 26 Jan 2022
  • Front side of the relief of Dieburg

    Front side of the relief of Dieburg
    Carole Raddato 

  • Back side of the relief of Dieburg

    Back side of the relief of Dieburg / Vermaseren 

  • Front side of the relief of Dieburg

    Front side of the relief of Dieburg / Vermaseren 


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A relief in red sandstone (H. 0.902 Br. 0.855 D. 0.09). All finds from this Mithraeum are at Dieburg, Kreismuseum, Marktplatz 1. Inv. No. 220/52.

A special bibliography about the reverse of the relief: Snijder in Mnemosyne 1927, 40lff; Cumont in RHR CIV, 1931, 29ff; RHR CV, 1932, 102f; cf. Radet in REA 1932, 123f; Rose in RHR CV 1932, 98ff; Wüst in ARW 1935, 219ff; Albizzati in Athenaeum 1937, 193ff and fig.; Schoppa, Pl. 89.

A. The front: The relief revolves on a pivot

The front is divided by horizontal and vertical rims into eleven panels.

Related monuments

Mithräum von Dieburg

There are references to two places of worship from Dieburg, whereby the Mithraeum, discovered in 1926.

Mithras with the bow

A statue of Mithras with a bow was found on the pit of the Mithraeum of Dieburg.

Incensiary vessel of Dieburg

The vessel to burn incense from the Mithraeum of Dieburg is similar to those found in other Roman cities of Germany

Male figure with offerings from Dieburg

A standing half naked man makes offerings to an altar while holding a cornucopia in his other hand.


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