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  • Syndexios

    Tiberius Claudius Artemidorus

    The pater Artemidorus seems to be an Augustan freedman of the Claudians, of Eastern origin.
  • Locus

    Emerita Augusta

    Emerita Augusta was founded in 25 BC by order of the Emperor Augustus to protect a pass and a bridge over the Guadiana River. The city became the capital of the province of Lusitania and one of the most important cities in the Roman Empire.
  • Syndexios

    Hector Corneliorum

    Hector erected an altar to Mithras in Emerita Augusta 'by means of a divine vision', something unusual in Hispania.
  • Syndexios

    Gaius Accius Hedychrus

    Pater Patrum at Emerita Augusta
  • Syndexios

    Gaius Iulius

  • Syndexios

    Marcus Valerius Secundus

    Centurio frumentarius probably from Tarraco, who served in the Legio VII Gemina located in Emerita Agusta.