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  • Monumentum

    Dedication inscription from Koenigshoffen Mithraeum

    The inscription reports the restoration of the coloured painting of the main relief of the Mithraeum by a veteran of the Legio VIII Augusta.

    TNMM253 – CIMRM 1361

    In h(onorem) d(omus) d(ivinae) deo Invic/to M(ithrae) C(aius) Celsinius / Matutinus veter(anus) / leg(ionis) VIII Aug(ustae) Alexan/drianae typum / de suo repinx(it)
  • Syndexios

    Gaius Accius Hedychrus

    Pater Patrum at Emerita Augusta
  • Monumentum

    Altar of Firmidius Severinus from Geneva

    This limestone altar bears an inscription from its donor, Firmidius Severinus, in honour of Mithras after 26 years of service in the Legio VIII Augusta.

    TNMM599 – CIMRM 916

    Deo invicto / genio loci / Firmidius Se/verinus mi(les) /leg(ionis) VIII aug(ustae) p(iae) f(idelis) / c(onstantis) C(ommodae) stip(endiorum) XXVI aram / ex voto pro salute / sua v(otum) s(olvit) l(ib…
  • Syndexios

    Marcus Valerius Secundus

    Centurio frumentarius probably from Tarraco, who served in the Legio VII Gemina located in Emerita Agusta.
  • Monumentum

    Altar by Florus from El Gahara

    This altar is dedicated to the god Sol Invictus Mithras by a certain Florus, a veteran of the Legio III Augusta.

    TNMM780 – CIMRM 153

    [deo] Soli invicto / Mithrae / [Gel?]lius Florus / [vet(eranus?)] leg(ionis) III aug(ustae) / ... us Pastor / [si]g(nifer) al(ae) I Pa[nn(oniorum] / [Pom]ponius Ma/[xi]mus b(ene)f(iciarius) / [co] (n)…
  • Liber

    El culto de Mitra en Hispania (2018)

    Jaime Alvar hace en este libro un estudio exhaustivo de las condiciones en las que se produce la introducción de Mitra en Hispania, a finales del siglo I d. C., en un momento sorprendentemente prematuro en relación con otras regiones del occidente latin…
  • Syndexios

    Gaius Camilius Superatus

    Gaius dedicated an altar to the god Invictus in Emerita Augusta in the 2nd century.
  • Monumentum

    Altar of Merida consecrated by Marcus Valerius Secundus

    This altar is dedicated to the birth of Mithras by a frumentarius of the Legio VII Geminae.

    TNMM338 – CIMRM 793

    Ann(o) Col(oniae) CLXXX / aram genesis / Inuicti Mithrae / M(arcus) Val(erius) Secundus / fr(umentarius) Leg(ionis) VII Gem(inae) dono / ponendam merito curauit / G(aio) Accio Hedychro patre.
  • Monumentum

    Mercury of Mérida

    The statue of Mercury in Merida bears a dedication from the Roman Pater of a community in the city in 155.

    TNMM394 – CIMRM 780, 781

    Ann(o) col(oniae) CLXXX / invicto deo Mithrae / sacr(um) / G(aius) Accius Hedychrus / Pater / a(nimo) (libente) plosuit).
  • Monumentum

    Cantharus to Deo Invicto of Trier

    The cantharus of Trier is reminiscent of the crater that often appears in tauroctony scenes collecting the blood from the slaughtered animal.


  • Syndexios

    Lucius Petreius Victor

    Garlic merchant, probably from Lusitania, who dedicated an altar to Cautes in Tarraconensis.
  • Syndexios

    Claudius Zenobius

    Procurator of Tarraconensis, he dedicated a monument to the Invincible God, Isis and Serapis in Asturica Augusta.
  • Syndexios

    Hector Corneliorum

    Hector erected an altar to Mithras in Emerita Augusta 'by means of a divine vision', something unusual in Hispania.
  • Monumentum

    Serapis head from Mérida

    This head of Serapis from Cerro de San Albín may be unrelated to Mithras worship.

    TNMM470 – CIMRM 783

  • Monumentum

    Altar by Hector Corneliorum of Mérida

    This fragmented altar was found in two pieces that Ana Osorio Calvo has recently brought together.


    ... Invict[o Mithrae] / Hector Cornelior[um] / ex visu.
  • Monumentum

    Oceaunus of Mérida

    The sculpture of Oceanus in Merida bears an inscription by the Pater Patrorum Gaius Accius Hedychrus.

    TNMM428 – CIMRM 778, 779

    G(aius) Acc(ius) Hedychrus / p(ater) patrum
  • Monumentum

    Aion of Mérida

    The Aion-Chronos of Mérida was found near the bullring of the current city, once capital of the Roman province Hispania Ulterior.

    TNMM181 – CIMRM 777

  • Monumentum

    Altar by Marcus Aurelius Sabinus

    This altar to the god Sol invicto Mithra was erected by a legate during Maximin’s reign in Lambaesis, Numidia.

    TNMM616 – CIMRM 134

    Deo Sol(i) in/victo Mi/thrae / M. Aurel(ius) / M(arci) f(ilius) Sergi/s Carnu/nto Sabi/nus prae/fect(us) leg(ionis) / III aug(ustae) p(iae) v(indicis) / Maximi/nianae v(otum) s(olvit) l(ibens) m(erito…
  • Monumentum

    Mithraic vase of Mühltal

    The Mühltal Mithraic crater was discovered among the artefacts of a mithraeum found in Pfaffenhoffen am Inn, Bavaria.


    Deo invicto Mitr[a]e Ma[rt- or -tern]inus.
  • Mithraeum

    Mitreo de la Tumba del Elefante

    Set in a Roman necropolis, the so-called Mithraeum of the Elephant takes its name from an elephant statue found in one of the tombs.