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  • Liber

    The "Mithras Liturgy". Text, Translation, and Commentary (2003)

    Just hundred years after the first edition of Albrecht Dietrich's Eine Mithrasliturgie (Leipzig 1903; 1923), the present book offers a complete new edition of so complex a text. It provides the Greek text, an English translation, a punctual introduction, …
  • Monumentum

    Altar of Carnuntum by Sacidius Barbarus

    This altar bears the oldest known Latin inscription to the god Mithras, written Mitrhe.

    TNMM503 – CIMRM 1718

    Invicto Mitrhe / C. Sacidius Ba/rbarus [c(enturio)] leg(ionis) / XV Apol[linar(is)] / ex voto ....