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  • Liber

    Cultores Mithrae. Die Anhangerschaft Des Mithras-Kultes (1992)

    The starting point of this study of the initiation into the cult of Mithras are the 462 sites where traces of the cult have been found to date. They form the framework of the study.
  • Liber

    The Roman Cult of Mithras. The God and His Mysteries (1990)

    Manfred Clauss's introduction to the Roman Mithras cult has become widely accepted as the most reliable and readable account of this fascinating subject.
  • Mithraeum

    Mitreo dell’Esquilino

    In a house from the time of Constantine, a Lararium was found with a statue of Isis-Fortuna. The Mithraeum was a door next to it, on a lower room.

    TNMM83 – CIMRM 356

  • Liber

    Roman Mithraism: the Evidence of the Small Finds (2021)

    Papers of the international conference "Roman Mithraism: the Evidence of the Small Finds". Tienen 7-8 November 2001.
  • Syndexios


    Blastia dedicated an altar to Mithras and Silvanus in Emona.
  • Monumentum

    Altar of Benifayó

    This altar found in Benifaió, València, was erected by a slave called Lucanus.


    Invicto / Mithrae / Lucanus / Ser(vus).
  • Liber

    Études Mithriaques. Actes du 2e Congrès International, Téhéran, du 1er au 8 septembre 1975 (1978)

    Actes du 2e Congrès International, Téhéran, du 1er au 8 septembre 1975. (Actes du Congrès, 4). Éditions Brill, collection. Acta Iranica.
  • Syndexios

    Flavius Septimius Zosimus

    Vir perfectissimus and priest of Zeus Brontes and Hecate, he erected a mithraeum in Rome.
  • Syndexios

    Mercatorius Castrensis

    Offered the famous Tauroctony of Osterburken to the unconquerable sun god Mithras.
  • Monumentum

    Altar of Aquileia to the brave god Mithras

    This altar to Mithras found in Aquilieia mentions several persons of a same community.

    TNMM497 – CIMRM 741

    Deo f(orti) i(nvicto) i(nvicto) M(ithrae) / P. Aelius / Mercur(ialis) / Q. Tessig/nius Maxi/mia(nus) patr(es) / pros(esedente) T(ito) Aur(elio) / Victore v(otum) s(olverunt) l(ibentes) m(erito).
  • Monumentum

    Heliodromus inscription of Cerveteri

    This inscription by a certain Memmius Placidus is the first ever found signed by a Heliodromus.


    [Deo Soli Invic]/[to Mi]thrae / [Mem]mius Pla/cidus helio/dromus sacr/atus a Curtio / Iuvenale patre / votum [solvit] / [libens merito].
  • Monumentum

    Album of Sentinum

    This inscription reveals the names of 36 cultori of Sentinum, one of whom bears the title of pater leonum.

    TNMM570 – CIMRM 688

    Cultores D(ei) S(olis) I(nvicti) Mithrae / patroni, prosedente C. Propertio Profuturo. Coiedius Proculus / Ligurius Theodotus / Mussius Vindex / Coiedius Hilarianus / Sentin(as) pater leonum Ianuar…
  • Mithraeum

    Mithraeum of Virunum

    A bronze plaque records the existence of a mithraeum at Virunum that collapsed and was rebuilt by members of the community.


  • Mithraeum

    Mithraeum of Perge

    The Mithraeum of Pamphylia was cut back into the rock to form a cave, with a separate relief of Mithras killing the bull.


  • Monumentum

    Goblet of Angers

    The spherical ceramic cup found at the Mithraeum in Angers bears an inscription to the unconquered god Mithras.


    ---]M [---]Deo[ inuic]to Mytrh[ae ]s Genialis ciues Ambian[in]us (or Ambian[ic]us) exuoto d[edit frat]ribus, omni loco, [ N]ama!
  • Monumentum

    Inscription of Tarragona

    This fragment of the base of a statue from Tarragona, Spain, bears an inscription which appears to be dedicated to the invincible Mithras.

    TNMM743 – CIMRM 806

    [--- Invi]cto Mithra[e]….