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  • Syndexios

    Titus Tettius Plotus

    Pater Sacrorum and veteran of the Legio IV Flavia Felix.
  • Notitia

    Mitra en Hispania

    Con motivo del descubrimiento de un mitreo en Mitra en Cabra, charlamos con uno de los referentes del mitraísmo, Jaime Alvar. Con él, repasamos los testimonios hasta hoy conocidos y las especificidades del culto mitraico en Hispania.
  • Mithraeum

    Mithraeum of Caesarea Maritima

    This shrine developed towards the end of 2nd century and remained active until beginning 4th.


    From Israel

  • Monumentum

    City of Darkness fresco of Hawarte

    The City of Darkness unique fresco from the Mithraeum of Hawarte shows the tightest links between the western and eastern worship of Mithras in Roman Syria.


    From Syria

  • Liber

    Mystic Cults in Magna Graecia (2010)

    In Vergil’s Aeneid, the poet implies that those who have been initiated into mystery cults enjoy a blessed situation both in life and after death. This collection of essays brings new insight to the study of mystic cults in the ancient world, particularly
  • Liber

    The Roman Cult of Mithras. The God and His Mysteries (1990)

    The Mithras cult first became evident in Rome towards the end of the first century AD. During the next two centuries, it spread to the frontiers of the Western empire. Energetically suppressed by the early Christians, who frequently constructed their chur
  • Mithraeum

    Mithraeum of Cyrene

    The Mithraeum of Cyrene is preserved among the remarkable ruins of the ancient capital of the Roman province of Cyrene.


    From Libya

  • Liber

    Corpus Inscriptionum et Monumentorum Religionis Mithriacae (1956)

    Corpus Inscriptionum et Monumentorum Religionis Mithriacae (or CIMRM) is a two volume collection of inscriptions and monuments relating primarily to the Mithraic Mysteries. It was compiled by Maarten Jozef Vermaseren and published at the Hague by Martinus