Razbar Ensemble - Ali, Ali, Ali

Razbar Ensemble Album: Leyli Song: Ali, Ali, Ali The Razbar Ensemble was founded in 1997 by a group of Kurdish Ahl-e Haqq (literally "Followers of the Truth") currently residing in Germany, the members of the Razbar Ensemble are natives of Hashtgerd, a town of prodominantly Kurdish culture located on the outskirts of Tehran. Through an ongoing series of sacred music concerts in Germany, France and other European countries, the Ensemble has dedicated itself to upholding the time-honered spiritual music and traditions of the Ahl-e haqq, a mystical order founded in the 15th centry by Soltan eshaq. The Ensemble derices its name from the beloved saint, Khatoun-e Razbar, who was Soltan's mother. The Ensemble, which is comprised of a large number of members, is truly revolutionary and unique in that it is the first Ahl-e Haqq group to feature both men and women performing together in a devotional context. In addition to their regular practice sessions, the members meet once a week in accordance with their old traditions to praise their Beloved through spiritual music, chants, and dacne. Although the members of the Ensemble are adept musicians, they are not prefessionals in the strict sense of the word in that their main goal is not to perform but rather to introduce the public to the musical and devotional traditions of the Ahl-e Haqq.