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Cautopates with a hooked stick of Nida

This Cautopates from Nida carries the usual downward torch in his right hand and a hooked stick in his left.
Cautopates from Nida

Cautopates from Nida

The New Mithraeum
19 Jul 2009
Updated on Sep 2023

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Relief in sandstone (H. 0.77 Br. 0.40 D. 0.05-0.135) originally standing near t or u. Inv. No. 240.

Habel, 195 No. 6 and PI. III, 1, 1a; Hammer, Mithriaca, Pl. XVI,5; Lajard, Rech., Pl. CIV, 1; MMM II 371d and fig. 272; Esp. Rec. Germ., 101 No. 152 and fig.; Lehner, Führer Wiesb., 57 No. 240. See fig. 285.

Cautopates standing cross-legged and in Oriental dress holds the torch downwards with his r.h. In his upraised l.h. he holds a hooked stick (key?). The head is restored.