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Let’s talk about Mithras with Yolanda De Iuliis

Yolanda’s multimedia dissertation focuses on the cognitive mechanisms that motivate Mithras worshippers. Her work includes a podcast entitled Conversations about Mithras.

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    Re-interpreting the Mysteries of Mithras

    Ernest Renan suggested that without the rise of Christianity, we might all have embraced the cult of Mithras. Nevertheless, it has had a lasting influence on secret societies, religious movements and popular culture.


    The MITHRA Project

    Laurent Bricault has revolutionised Mithraic studies with the exhibition The Mystery of Mithras. Meet this professor in Toulouse for a fascinating look at the latest discoveries and what lies ahead.


    The Father of Mithras

    It is well known that Mithras was born from a rock. However, less has been written about the father of the solar god, and especially about how he conceived him.


    Mithras in Hispania

    On the occasion of the discovery of a Mithraeum in Cabra, Spain, we talk to Jaime Alvar, a leading figure in the field of Mithraism. With him, we examine the testimonies known to date and the peculiarities of the cult of Mithras in Hispania.

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Some places to visit

  • Mitreo degli Animali

    The Mithraeum of the Animals was decorated with a mosaic depicting a naked man, a cock, a raven, an scorpion, a snake and the head of the bull.

  • Mithraeum II of Aquincum in Victorinus’s house

    This temple of Mithras in Aquincum was located within the private house of the decurio Marcus Antonius Victorinus.

  • Mitreo di Cosa

    The Mithraeum was inserted into the basement of the basilica-theater by the 3rd century.

  • Mitreo de Lugo

    The exploration of an old pazo, a manor house, near the Roman wall, in Lugo, led to the discovery of a Roman domus, which existed continuously from the beginnings of the Christian Era until the Late Empire.



Guest insights

Pattie Lawler

As of 2022 this piece is currently NOT on display.

on Tauroctony on display in Boston


francesca salvador

Mi spiegate perché mettete dei volti attuali in un sito di archeologia mitra ? Grazie. Francesca

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Andreu Abuín

I recently had the opportunity to visit the remains of this mithraeum. It is located in Altafulla, i…

on Mitreo dels Munts

Many thanks, Ines. Both pages have been merged.

on Mithräum von Schwarzerden


Esfand Behr

Thank you for sharing your observation and perspective.


The New Mithraeum

Welcome Veronica 💫


Nik Shah

It is magnificent. so better if you had a picture of the inside.

on Temple of Garni


Jorge Gallo

Congratulations to the city hall of Lugo and all the team who participated in this unexpected discov…

on The Mithreaum of Lugo reveals the expansion of the Persian cult to the boundaries of Hispania



Le serpent photographié n'en fait pas partie.

on Mithréum de Bordeaux

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