Mithras in India and Iran

We propose to revisit a passage by the prolific author Marteen Vermaseren that highlights correspondences today forgotten between the Roman Mithras and its Eastern counterparts.


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  • Mithraeum of Housesteads

    The Housesteads Mithraeum is an underground temple, now burried, discovered in 1822 in a slope of the Chapel Hill, outside of the Roman Fort at the Hadrian's Wall.

  • Mithraeum of Tienen

    The temple contained hundreds of ceramic vessels and animal bones, which may indicated that a grand Mithraic feast was celebrated before its closing.

  • Mithraeum of Dura Europos

    The most emblematic of the Syrian Mithraea was discovered in 1933 by a team led by the Russian historian Mikhaïl Rostovtzeff.

  • Mithraeum of Bourg-Saint-Andéol

    The Mithréum de Bourg-Saint-Andéol was built against a rock where the main Tauroctony was chiseled.



Comments from visitors


Stephen Chappell

You might be interested in a digital reconstruction that I did of the 2nd c.

on Tauroctony of Santa Maria Capua Vetere


Nik Shah

Porphyry says that the cave isn’t only the symbol of the Cosmos, but also the symbol of invisible ...

on Porphyry’s Cave of Nymphs
and the Cult of Mithras

Many thanks, Ines. Both pages have been merged.

on Mithräum von Schwarzerden


Robert Fritzius

Back in February 2011, I received a report that the Mithraeum at Caesarea had been "torn down.

on Mithraeum of Caesarea Maritima


John Brant

While there were many mithraea located at the forts on the Limes, there was not one at the Saalburg.

on Mithräum von Saalburg



Gracias por compartir luz con tu trazado.

on Del mitraísmo a la masonería. Una historia de las ideas


John Brant

Stockstadt mithraeum is not located at Saalsburg Kastell.

on Mithraeum of Stockstadt I


Alejandro Jiménez Hernández

Jiménez Hernández, Alejandro, y Inmaculada Carrasco Gómez.

on Mitreo de la Tumba del Elefante


Antonio Moreno Rosa

The sculpture was found, according to its discoverer, next to the western wall that delimits the imp...

on Mitra de Cabra



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