Mithras in India and Iran

We propose to revisit a passage by the prolific author Marteen Vermaseren that highlights correspondences today forgotten between the Roman Mithras and its Eastern counterparts.


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Some places to visit

  • Niasar Cave

    The Niasar Cave, غار نیاسر, was a temple probably devoted to Iranian Mithras that dates back to the early Partian era.

  • Mithraeum I of Ptuj

    The Mithraeum I of Ptuj contains the foundation, altars, reliefs and cult imagery found in it.

  • Mitreo di Vulci

    The Mithraeum of Vulci is remarkable because of his high benches and the arches below them.

  • Zeus Brontoon sanctuary near Villa dei Quintili

    Mithras and other oriental gods were worshipped in the shrine of Zeus near the Villa of the Quintilians in Rome.



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Gaby Simeoni

Pattie, you and I need to talk about those bits one of these days.

on From Mithraism to Freemasonry. A history of ideas


Chris Huff

The Rudchester (Vidobala) Mithraeum Sometime before 1772 an unfinished altar was found at Rudchest...

on Mithraeum of Rudchester


Pattie Lawler

??? Is this an actual mithraeum?...

on Mitreo d'Orazio Muti


Jorge Gallo

Congratulations to the city hall of Lugo and all the team who participated in this unexpected discov...

on The Mithreaum of Lugo reveals the expansion of the Persian cult to the boundaries of Hispania



Un saludo fraternal a ti, Ricardo.

on From Mithraism to Freemasonry. A history of ideas


Nik Shah

It is magnificent. so better if you had a picture of the inside.

on Temple of Garni


Pattie Lawler

Where does the nightingale description come from? TIA...

on Mithraic brooch of Ostia



You are right, Stephen. Thank you for noticing. We have updated the information on this article.

on Submission scene from Barberini



Just read why they decided to continue to dig under the mithraeum before complaining: http://www.

on Head of Mithras from the Mithraeum of Angers



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