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Let's talk about Mithras with Yolanda De Iuliis

Yolanda's multimedia dissertation focuses on the cognitive mechanisms that motivate Mithras worshippers. Her work includes a podcast entitled Conversations about Mithras.


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Some places to visit

  • Mithräum von Wiesloch

    The first members of the Wiesloch Mithraeum may have been veterans from Ladenburg and Heidelberg.

  • Casa del Mitreo de Mérida

    Although this building is not a Mithraeum, archaeologists have found several monuments related to the cult of Mithras.

  • Mithraeum I of Ptuj

    The Mithraeum I of Ptuj contains the foundation, altars, reliefs and cult imagery found in it.

  • Mithraeum of Hawarti

    The Mithraeum of Hauarte or Hawarte, which preserves colourful frescoes, it's the latest know and used.



Comments from visitors


Ton van Reen

As far as I can find the CIMRM number of this one is: 1083 and not 606.

on Tauroctony from the Mithräum von Heddernheim


Robert Fritzius

Back in February 2011, I received a report that the Mithraeum at Caesarea had been "torn down.

on Mithraeum of Caesarea Maritima


Pattie Lawler

Interesting that the couch's covering isn't recognizable as the slain bull, though I'm not sure I wo...

on Triptic of Tróia


Stephen Chappell

OK, I'm very confused about Jozef's description of this 'submission' scene.

on Submission scene from Barberini



I'd have liked to see the face of the carabinieri when they discovered the sculpture.

on Carabinieri recover a Mithras Tauroctony about to be sold on the black market


Ilona Lovász

There is a mixture of 2 mithraeums in the text.


Andreu Abuín

I recently had the opportunity to visit the remains of this mithraeum.

on Mitreo dels Munts


Jorge Gallo

Congratulations to the city hall of Lugo and all the team who participated in this unexpected discov...

on The Mithreaum of Lugo reveals the expansion of the Persian cult to the boundaries of Hispania



The New Mithraeum

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