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Head of Antiochus I of Commenage

This monumental head of Antionchus I of Commenage is in Nemrut Dağı together with other representations of the Greco-Iranian king.
  • Head of Antiochus I of Commenage in Nemrut Dagi.

    Head of Antiochus I of Commenage in Nemrut Dagi. 

  • Nemrut Dagi, Turkey.

    Nemrut Dagi, Turkey.
    Carole Raddato 

The New Mithraeum
15 May 2007
Updated on Nov 2022

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Head of the Mithras-statue at Nemrud-Dagh.

Humann-Puchstein, Reisen, 295 and Pl. XXXI, I; MMM II 187 No. 2 and fig. 9; Goell in ILN 1955, 1094 ff gives a report about new excavations. Head of beardless Mithras in Phrygian cap, point of which is missing. Round the hem of the cap a diadem, omated with thunderbolts. Two hanging ribbons cover his ears.This head has been later identified to Antiochus I King of Commenage which can be found on Nemrut Dağı shaking hands with Apollo-Mithras-Helios or Herakles.